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iNEXIV Multi-Sensor Measuring System


Designed to meet demanding manufacturing requirements with automated measurements of mechanical parts, electronic devices, dies & molds and medical devices.

The iNEXIV VMA-2520 is a new multi-sensor measuring system that's lightweight and compact enough to be used in the factory on the bench top, with fast, fully automatic and high accuracy features that make it ideally suited for a wide variety of industrial measuring, inspection and quality control applications. The iNEXIV is designed to measure 3D workpieces, is touch probe ready, integrates the latest imaging processing software and incorporates a new 10x optical zoom system and Laser Auto Focus option.

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Categories: Vision Systems

Applications: Surface Analysis, Metallurgy, Surface Examination, Telecom & Electronics, Metal Manufacturing, Automated measurement, MEMS, Plastic Manufacturing, Optoelectronics, Cracks and Failure Analysis, Microelectronics, Telescope optics, Implants/ Protheses, Mobile phones, shavers & watches , Antennae