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Nikon Metrology 3D scanning: LC60Dx digital CMM laser scanners


LC60Dx premium digital CMM laser scanners capturing the full geometry and features

LC60Dx digital CMM laser scanner

LC60Dx single line scanner brings laser scanning in the accuracy range of tactile measurement, while capturing 75,000 measurement points a second. Equipped with powerful CMOS technology, the all-digital scanner automatically digitizes the complete geometry of parts covering features and surfaces in just a few CMM strokes.

Key benefits

  • Premium performance CMM scanner for every inspection job
  • Gain full geometric insights from the 3D representation of the entire part
  • Benefit from the unique capability to measure soft and fragile surfaces
  • Increase the capacity of your CMM’s and floor space
  • Run any kind of analysis on the digital copy, even building virtual prototypes instead of expensive physical prototypes
  • Programming and execution of inspection job is fast and straightforward, even for novice or non-metrology users

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Categories: CMM scanning

Applications: Gas turbine blades, Automotive Design and Styling, Implants/ Protheses, Sheet Metal Inspection, Aircraft Component Inspection, Powertrain Components, Household appliances and white goods , Die and Mould Applications, Pilot Plant Metrology, Turbine Blade Inspection, Automotive Components Inspection, Surface Analysis

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