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Automated manufacturing

Within a smart factory, manufacturing systems communicate and cooperate with one another and humans. Technology is used to monitor system status and perform corrective actions using decentralized decision making. In-line measurement provides immediate feedback, enabling optimization of the manufacturing process in real-time. Supply chains benefit from superior cost efficiencies, better quality products and higher productivity.


  • In-line CMM automation
    In-line CMM automation

    In-line CMM measurement allows automated manufacturing cells to increase product quality and production efficiency. Rapid detection of process variation enables corrective actions in real-time while maintaining the continuous flow of production.

  • Stand-alone CMM automation
    Stand-alone CMM automation

    Stand-alone CMM automation significantly increases CMM utilization and simplifies running inspection programs. Optimization of a component loading and program execution keeps the CMM measuring as efficiently as possible, and with minimal delays between each tas...