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The HN-C3030 opens up a new world of high-speed, high-precision, non-contact 3D metrology

HN-C3030 is a non-contact 3D metrology system equipped with a high-speed, high-precision laser scanner. Five-axis automatic control allows scanning of parts with complex shapes using optimum scanning angles. The HN-C3030 is suitable for measurement of various gear types, including hypoid gears, bevel gears, helical gears, spur gears, internal gears, splines, turbocharger wings, oil seals, etc.

Benefits over traditional tactile gear inspection systems

  • Dense 3D scan provides better insight into complex gear shapes
  • Part-to-CAD comparison reveals surface imperfections (e.g. waviness, machining traces) that cause of undesired vibrations or high frequency noise
  • Laser scanning offers high measurement speed
  • Non-contact eliminates the need for probe tip compensation

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